Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Review: The Tycoon's Son by Cindy Kirk

Title: The Tycoon's Son
Series: Mediterranean Nights
Author: Cindy Kirk
Read copy: eBook
Published: August 1, 2007
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1426804385
ISBN-13: 9781426804380

Single mother Trish Melrose has been offered a rare opportunity to mix business and pleasure. While sailing the Mediterranean aboard the luxurious Alexandra's Dream, she's to convince businessman Theo Catomeris to re-sign his shore excursion company with Liberty Line. Theo's long-estranged father has put her up to this assignment, but an undeniable attraction between Trish and Theo is distracting her from the business at hand.

Theo's success and happiness on the island of Corfu suggest that he's a man with blueprints to good fortune, but absentee parents have made it difficult for him to get close to anyone. Having discovered that his father has purchased the cruise line he used to work with, Theo is more than reluctant to trust a relationship with him. But will meeting Trish give him a new perspective on building a future and resolving his past?

My rating:

Trish Melrose, a travel agency owner from the U.S., is literally blackmailed into going to Corfu. A Greek businessman, Elias Stamos, new owner of the Liberty Line of cruise ships wants her to score a new contract with Corfu native Theo Catomeris or Elias won’t be doing business with her agency anymore. Fearing for her two employees and the fate of her agency, Trish has no other option but to agree.

But Theo has no intention of ever working with or for Elias Stamos, and a good reason to back up his stubbornness. Not that he will share the truth with Trish…

What a nice surprise this one turned out to be. Okay, the plot was totally "been there read that", but the writing, the characters, the chemistry, the romance, and the lovely background of Corfu, Naples, and Lucca made it stand out from average.

I loved both Trish and Theo, all their baggage (and there was a significant amount of it) notwithstanding. They had great chemistry, the attraction between them was palpable, leisurely but surely pushing the plot forward, making me read more and more, wanting to learn what would happen next.
That’s why their parting was such a disappointment. For two mature people (she was thirty-seven, he was forty) with obviously shrewd heads on their shoulders or they wouldn’t still be in their business, they certainly made a mess out of their romance with their stubborn unwillingness for compromise.

That was the only black mark on this otherwise engaging, sweet little story.


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