Thursday, October 1, 2009

Review: SEALed and Delivered by Jill Monroe

Title: SEALed and Delivered
Series: Uniformly Hot!
Author: Jill Monroe
Read copy: eBook
Published: November 1, 2009
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 142684266X
ISBN-13: 9781426842665

Subject: Nathaniel Peterson, SEAL instructor

Current status: Unexpectedly engaged in a sizzling kiss

Mission: Train the SEALs without interruption

Obstacle: Hailey Sutherland—the best kind of distraction!

Kiss the first man you see. The Fate Delivery Cards were a silly impulse purchase. But thanks to one of the Cards, bed-and-breakfast owner Hailey Sutherland finds herself locked in a scorching kiss with super-hot, wet-suit-clad navy SEAL Nate Peterson. It seems that fate is opposed to Hailey's self-imposed celibacy....

Especially since Nate has picked up his own Fate Delivery Card—and he intends to follow it through... until Hailey is in his bed!

My rating:

After three engagements and zero weddings, Hailey Sutherland is certain Fate dislikes her. She gets another confirmation when, at a bridal shower game, she ends up with a Fate Delivery Card that says she should "kiss the first man she sees".

Hailey has sworn off men, she's ready to get to know herself, maybe stop being such a fixer, and never again get close to a man. So why is she drooling at the sight of the hunky SEAL that emerged from the sea to help a comrade in need? And why, oh why, is she suddenly draped on him with his tongue in her throat?

It must be the heat...Because she has sworn off men! And there's nothing sexy SEAL instructor Nate Peterson can come up with that would change Hailey's mind. Right?

What a delicious, hilarious romp of a quick-read this was. A great combo of humor, romance, sex, angst, great chemistry, and a hunky SEAL. Yep, I absolutely loved Nate. He seemed a brooding and silent type, but once he opened up, thanks to some mouth-watering home-made chocolate chip cookies and a Fate Delivery Card all of his own...Yowza! "Have I thanked the Navy yet?" Hailey kept asking. Well, let's all thank the Navy, shall we, and hope to get even a glimpse of a guy like Nate.
He was funny, he was sweet, he was gentle, he was romantic in his own way, he was determined (Never take no for an answer.), he was a SEAL, and he was hunkalicious.
What's there not to thank the Navy for?

This was a very, very sweet story of a girl with a load of issues that learns the important lesson that it only takes the right guy to make all those self-help books absolutely redundant.
It was funny, it was sexy, it was sweet, it was hot...The only two problems were the heroine obtuse denial toward the end and a sub-plot about the heroine's friend who pushed her man away only because her grandma told her sex was dirty. What was that all about?!

All in all, a very enjoyable and quickie read.


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