Thursday, October 8, 2009

Review: An Affair to Remember by Karen Kendall

Title: An Affair To Remember
Series: Mediterranean Nights
Author: Karen Kendall
Read copy: eBook
Published: October 1, 2007
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1426807104
ISBN-13: 9781426807107

Of all the ships on the Med, she had to sail on his?

As captain of the cruise ship Alexandra's Dream, Nikolas Pappas is used to navigating his way through rough waters. But he hasn't been able to steer his heart in the right direction since the day he ran out on the only woman he has ever truly loved. The daughter of a shipping tycoon, Helena Stamos lived a life of power and privilege back then, and Nikolas knew a lowly deckhand had no future with a woman like her.

Now, after fifteen years of heartbreak and regret—as suddenly as he had left her—Nick is back in Helena's life. While the years have passed and they have both moved on with their lives, the pull of their mutual attraction hasn't weakened. But even if they can see beyond their past and resolve their incompatible lifestyles—Nick left her once. What's to stop him from leaving her again?

My rating:

After fifteen years, Nikolas Pappas and Helena Stamos meet again. He was just a lowly deckhand when they fell in love, and she hid her true identity from him. When he discovered she was the daughter of his boss, the millionaire Elias Stamos - and didn't tell him - he left without a word.

Now, he's captain of Alexandra's Dream, and in Elias Stamos's employ yet again, but he still knows that Helena is way out of his league.

This book was the absolute worst in this series so far. I severely disliked the heroine, I liked the hero only marginally better - they were both idiots, the pacing was slow, the writing choppy, the three intertwining "plots" distracting, and the suspense evidently thrown in there as a filler and "eye opener".

I can't think of one single part, thing or sentence that I actually liked. A disaster.


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