Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Review: Walk on the Wilde Side by Anne Marie Winston

Title: Walk on the Wilde Side
Author: Anne Marie Winston

Read copy: eBook
Published: September 1, 2007
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1426806337
ISBN-13: 9781426806339

Ethan Wilde's mission, should he choose to accept it: very possible and very satisfying. After making his fortune mining in Brazil and living the fast life in New York, Ethan has returned to the quiet town of Bell Gap for his high school reunion—and an excuse to see Lindy Melton!

Lindy was the quiet bookworm to his Wilde Man, and Ethan always regretted never asking her out. But Lindy has her own ulterior motives. Clueless with men, she never got Ethan's signals—or anyone else's. And she doesn't want to be the only 28-year-old virgin at her reunion, especially when her ex-fianc√© arrives with the woman he left her for. That's where Ethan comes in...

My rating:

A cute, light, and quick read, perfect for a few minutes of escape from reality. Though Lindy sometimes made my eye twitch with her small-town, buttoned-up, librarian sensibilities, I liked this short, short story a great deal.
I actually ended up wishing it was a bit longer.


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