Friday, September 4, 2009

Review: Men At Work (anthology) by Karen Kendall, Cindy Myers, Colleen Collins

Title: Men at Work
Author: Karen Kendall, Cindi Myers, Colleen Collins

Read copy: eBook
Published: July 1, 2007
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1426802595
ISBN-13: 9781426802591

'Through the Roof' by Karen Kendall
When socialite Marina Reston's fianc√© loses his business, his pride will not let her support him. But she's not going to take it lying down—unless that's the best way to get back her man!

'Taking His Measure' by Cindi Myers
Samantha Delaney is a lucky calendar photographer. Then her teenage crush, gorgeous Josh Kittredge, strolls into her studio—all grown up. Her fantasies have suddenly turned X-rated.

'Watching It Go Up' by Colleen Collins
Tough P.I. Gina Keys is assigned to follow a suspected thief—a breathtakingly hot 'skywalker' who fearlessly works on tall buildings. His presence makes her pulse rate soar—especially when they get busy several stories up.

My rating:

Whoa! Don't you just love a man who isn't afraid to grab a tool and lend a hand in construction? There's something about bare chests glistening with sweat, tight jeans, work boots, and tool belts that simply gets to me.

Fantasy over, moving on.

This little anthology was a great find on my Mount TBR, and I'm so glad for my ebooks shopping spree a few years back.
These three little stories really made my day/evening/night/whatever.
There was steamy sex, there was romance, there was drama, snappy dialogs, great chemistry, and even a touch of suspense in the last story. 4 ½ stars

I had some problems getting into the first one, Through the Roof by Karen Kendall, because the heroine was a wealthy, self-absorbed, narcissistic, materialistic bitch, and the hero a prideful, "don't want to be maintained by my woman so I'll just break it off with her", sex-on-a-stick, half-Peruvian macho.
Two hot, and completely out of the blue, scenes later and a few screaming tantrums, the heroine realized that her wealth and self-absorption made the hero feel like he has a small penis, and the hero realized that maybe the woman he loved and asked to marry wasn't like his mother who abandoned everything to chase a rich man...HEA ensued.

The second, Taking His Measure by Cindi Myers, was a little better, with two childhood friends reuniting after fifteen years, she as a photographer for a sexy calendar featuring construction workers in their birthday suits with strategically placed tools, he as one of her models.
They got together thanks to a house he was reconstructing, they broke up because of the same house that he sold to a nice family. She realized her stupidity (who ever gets into a fight over a house they don't even own?!), asked for forgiveness, he bought her a porch swing...HEA ensued.

The third, Watching It Go Up by Colleen Collins, was the shortest, and in my humble reader's opinion the best. A P.I. (the same P.I. who found the hero for the heroine in the first story after the idiot split) is hired to find proof that a worker on a construction site is stealing expensive equipment. She follows him, tries to interview him, searches his room, but all she find out is that the guy is incredibly tight-lipped, and packs one heck of a sexy body.
Since this was the shortest, everything happened too quickly, the ending was rushed, the grand finale left us hanging (literally), but the final scene was sooooooo uber sweet it made up for everything.


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