Sunday, September 13, 2009

Review: Kiss or Kill by Lyn Stone

Title: Kiss or Kill
Series: Mission: Impassioned
Author: Lyn Stone
Read copy: eBook
Published: November 1, 2007
Publisher: Silhouette
ISBN: 1426808550
ISBN-13: 9781426808555

Special Agent Renee Leblanc was deep undercover, close to exposing the leader of a terrorist cell. Then he showed up in the midst of her op. Mark Alexander, the only man who had ever upset Renee's uncanny instincts—a man who could blow her cover with a word. The desire between them was as strong as ever, but who was Mark really—ally or foe? Hero or villain? Lover...or assassin? These were decisions she had to make. Heaven help her if she was wrong.

My rating:

Mark Alexander had been searching for his father's murderer for the past sixteen years. And he isn't about to pass on the opportunity to infiltrate the organization John Trip supposedly works for. Not even upon seeing a familiar face in the meeting. The question is, has she turned or is she there undercover?

Renee Leblanc met Mark at a mutual "training" two years ago, and hasn't been able to completely forget him ever since. As he enters the meeting room she's assailed by doubts. Has he turned? Should she expose him? But if she exposes him, what reason could she give?

As they're immediately ordered to work together, there would be ample opportunities to test their allegiance, but can they truly work together when they realize their individual operations somehow bleed together, and Mark's need for vengeance might just blow their cover wide open.

Meh. This was a rather average story. The characters were once again more bland than not, there didn't appear to be much personality there, absolutely no spark, and their "chemistry" was so forced it made my teeth ache.
There was another name change, the main she-villain went back to her surname from the first book - DuMont. And the added paranormal factor, instead of wowing the reader as was probably the author's intention, was a cheap trick, a Deus Ex Machina concoction that was laughable at best.

The only thing saving this book from getting 1-2 stars was the suspense. There was plenty of that going around, it was gripping and well-executed.

Now, there's only one book left in this miniseries. The stage is set (with the assassin and the sidekicks dead there are only Cassandra and his son left), everything has been set into motion, now all we have to do is sit back and enjoy (I sure hope so!) the final show, and finally get the answers to the questions that've been piling up since the beginning of this rather unfortunate miniseries.
It's finally time for the big man to reveal his cards and I can't hardly wait.


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