Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Review: Caught in the Act by Samantha Hunter

Title: Caught in the Act
Series: Dressed to Thrill
Author: Samantha Hunter
Read copy: eBook
Published: October 1, 2009
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1426840829
ISBN-13: 9781426840821

The outfit was ridiculously revealing. Still, food writer Gina Thomas needed a disguise for the costume party...just so she could sneak into divorce lawyer Mason Scott's office and steal a few photos to save her sister—the trouble magnet.

However, the costume seems to bring out the naughtier side of Gina. And Mason can't keep his gorgeous eyes—or his hands—off her. But even as the New-And-Way-Sexier Gina submits to Mason's exquisitely carnal attentions, Practical Gina wonders how long before she's caught red-handed....

My rating:

You can read the blurb above...

Pretty straightforward and pure Blaze, judging from the two paragraphs and the fact the hero and heroine go down and dirty on the desk in his office without him knowing her name (or anything about her, least of all why she's really in his house) and without her taking off her mask.

Unfortunately from that point onward the plot takes a nosedive into ridiculous and sometimes downright absurd with Ms. Hunter joining the ranks of Blaze authors trying to blend sex and suspense and failing miserably.

Gina went to Mason's house to steal pictures of her sister's infidelity. Mason is her brother-in-law's divorce attorney and the pictures of Gina's sister's one-night-stand are the only leverage the two men have. It turns out Tracy's (Gina's sister) one-night-stand was a full blown affair so Gina leaves the pictures in the file, shags Mason and leaves the premises.

But Tracy didn't just go out and have an affair, she had to have an affair with a smuggler/murdered/kidnapper and told him about the pics. The guy now wants them back at all costs, so Gina has to go back and get them before the bad guy harms her volatile sister.

But of course the FBI has to get involved, they take the photos before Gina gets to them, someone ransacks her apartment, Tracy is nowhere to be found, baddies shoot at both Gina and Mason, and the two are forced into FBI safekeeping in a lovely suburban house.
To top it all off, Tracy's stolen something else from the bad guy, her husband (they're reconciled somewhere in the middle) concocts a devious scheme for the bad guy to leave them alone, which naturally goes sour, the two are kidnapped and is once again Gina's mission to save the day.

Ludicrous, poorly written, slow-paced, with bland characters this story had only one strong point - the sex. But there were only two hot scenes in the entire book (again featuring masks, hidden identities and two ties as makeshift restraints), which makes for a bad bargain. Beyond disappointing.


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