Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Review: Beyond Seduction by Kathleen O'Reilly

Title: Beyond Seduction
Series: The Red Choo Diaries
Author: Kathleen O'Reilly
Read copy: eBook
Published: May 1, 2007
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1426801009
ISBN-13: 9781426801006

Sex didn't scare her...

Despite the success of her sultry Red Choo sex blog, it would take serious buzz to put Mercedes Brooks's first book of erotic fantasies on the bestseller list. And that meant agreeing to another showdown with her nemesis, the super-sexy TV pundit Sam Porter.

This thing beyond seduction did.

This time, though, the on-air innuendos were just a dress rehearsal. What happened later between the sheets was actually the main event. If the tabloids got wind of their night together, Sam's career would self-destruct. But the real shocker was that even with a prime-time scandal hanging over their heads, one night was not enough!

My rating:

Another great story in my monthly challenge bunch, which makes me a happy and satisfied reader indeed.

Sam Porter fears he’s entering the dreaded mid-life crisis a bit early. The thirty-nine-year-old, conservative, political TV show host simply can’t forget the encounter with a sex-blogger twelve months ago. And as the opportunity arises to insert a ten-minute-long lighter theme into his show, he’s more than happy to invite Mercedes Brooks to be his guest again. If things move a bit further than that, so be it. He’s actually counting on it.

For the past year, Mercedes has been writing about variations of her fantasy man in her blog. A tall man with brown hair with natural blond highlights and green (not hazel) eyes. An almost spitting image of Sam Porter, the man she somehow couldn’t stop thinking about since their encounter on his show. Now she has a book on the shelves and he’s invited her to his show again. She wouldn’t be a red-blooded female if she didn’t grasp the opportunity with both hands. And if the night developed into something more, so be it. She’s actually counting on it.

But a stolen night of endless pleasure isn’t enough for Sam. He wants more and he isn’t afraid of going for it, despite the age difference and the mid-life crisis threat. But with his budding political career and Mercedes’s jitters, can they make a go for it, or are they doomed to fail even before they start?

This was a wonderful story, breaking yet more stereotypes about what a HQ book and its characters should be like. This time it’s the hero – big kudos for mature man who know what they want and aren’t afraid to risk it all! – who wants stability, it’s the man who says the L-word first, and the heroine who is scared shitless and thinks of their "affair" in short-term only.

I loved both of them. Sam was mature, knew what he wanted, and he was doggedly insistent in his pursuit (and ultimately conquest) of the woman of his dreams. I simply loved the guy. Mercedes was also a great character. She was strong, she was sassy, she was determined to rise to writer’s heaven. She was lovable and yet a huge contradiction. An erotica writer who had no problems with sex, but when things went beyond that, boy, was the girl running scared. She frustrated the hell out of me (as well as Sam), because of her stubborn notion that if her father ran out on her mother and her, so will all the men in her life, and that’s why she looked only for losers who wouldn’t disappoint her by leaving. She envied her brothers’ finding love and getting married, but scoffed at the mere notion of having a relationship. Even with a pearl of a guy like Sam Porter.

Loved the premise, loved the flow of the story, loved the characters…And the humor. The rapid-fire banter about Sam needing or not a new shirt was absolutely hilarious.

A definite keeper!


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