Sunday, September 20, 2009

Review: An Unexpected Clue by Elle James

Title: An Unexpected Clue
Series: Kenner County Crime Unit
Author: Elle James
Read copy: eBook
Published: September 1, 2009
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1426839448
ISBN-13: 9781426839443

Special Agent Ben Parrish had been thought dead for two months. So when he suddenly reappeared, bruised and battered on his pregnant wife's doorstep, claiming he'd been working deep undercover, even the FBI had trouble believing him. Before he could be debriefed, though, he had to convince Ava to trust him with her safety and that of their unborn baby. But with his captors hot on his trail, Ben had little time to explain to Ava how much he'd missed her. Now, even as they barely stayed one step ahead of the danger and protecting Ava became his top priority, Ben had never felt happier to be home....

My rating:

Having recently escaped from a Vegas Mafia boss's torture chamber where he's been held for the past two months, undercover FBI agent Ben Parrish is determined to do everything in his power to protect his pregnant wife Ava.

Unfortunately for him, the past two months have wreaked havoc in Ava's mind. Suspicion about her husband's integrity, accusations of him being a murderer, and the fear he might turn out like her father and abandon her and her baby, didn't inspire much faith in Mrs. Parrish and now she wants nothing to do with her husband. She doesn't believe him, she doesn't trust him, but he is the only one who can truly keep her safe.

This would've been a great RS story - the premise was good, the suspense gripping, the action scenes great, and the villain twisted just right - but Mrs. Ava Parrish ruined it all for me.
She was stubborn, hormonal, obtuse, judgmental etc. (all toward the man she professed to love, the father of her unborn child) she was borderline TSTL.
The constant litany of "Ben is just like my father", "he'll abandon me and the baby", "I don't want my baby to grow up without her father", "boo-hoo, poor me" was frustrating, unbelievably obtuse...She was doing a great job of pushing Ben away herself, but of course she wasn't at fault here, he was. The man who almost died in a torture cell but got out because he wanted to keep her safe could not be counted on. Sheesh, just because her father abandoned her and her sister (and he had a good reason!), not every man was like that. But of course, it was all about her, and her, and more her. Talk about a selfish woman.

She completely ruined this story for me and I'll be damned before I attempt to read this book again. I might be a fool, but I ain't that big of a fool.


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