Monday, August 31, 2009

Review: The Phantom of Black's Cove by Jan Hambright

Title: The Phantom of Black's Cove
Series: He's a Mystery
Author: Jan Hambright
Read copy: eBook
Published: June 1, 2009
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1426834756
ISBN-13: 9781426834752

Olivia Morgan was on a mission and Jack Trayborne was there to stop her. The investigative journalist had come to Black's Cove seeking answers to her traumatic past, but the long-closed medical clinic cast a shadow over the small town and refused to give up the truth she desperately sought. Jack saw the disappointment on Olivia's beautiful face, but he had no choice. He had to protect what was hidden behind the clinic's closed doors. The alternative would be devastating. And deadly. Instead, he'd stand by her side, 24/7, and convince her there was no reason for her to stay. As much as he wanted her to.

My rating:

This could've been a truly strong and enticing read, but unfortunately lacked in execution.

The initial premise was great—and added a rather fresh angle to the PNR genre. The hero's psychic abilities (force-field shielding, telekinesis, mind-reading) didn't stem from his birth/race/species/etc., but were the side effect of a revolutionary new drug developped to regenerate the brain after severe injury.

The heroine came into the sleepy, small town of Black's Cove intent on finding out just what exactly was going on at the (now defunct) Black's Cove clinic. Her brother had been one of the patients, but unfortunately they were unable to help him. Now, she want to find out if they even tried and just what could've possibly gone wrong.

Unfortunately for her someone doesn't want her to dig up anything and they're rather bury her than let her expose them. And of course, it if up to the hero to keep her safe. But the hidden enemy won't rest until both of them are six-feet under and the deadly secret locked deep inside the lab vault is in his hands.

Sadly the strange paranormal abilities soon seemed no more than parlor tricks, the chemistry between the hero and heroine eluded me, making the romance appear rushed and strained, the action was almost nonexistent (thanks to the freakish displays of paranormal abilities), and the villain sprung out from the left-field without a specific agenda or goal in mind. I got the impression he was there only because the author willed it so.



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