Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Review: Return to Me by Christy Reece

Title: Return to Me
Series: Last Chance Rescue
Author: Christy Reece
Read copy: eBook
Published: May 19, 2009
Publisher: Ballantine Books
ISBN: 0345515072
ISBN-13: 9780345515070

Posing as an underage teenager, Samara Lyons is out to trap an online predator. Smart, fiery, and fresh off a broken engagement, Samara is up for the challenge. But this challenge might not be so easy. Her boss, Noah McCall, head of a private international corporation called Last Chance Rescue, can’t disguise his raw, physical desire for Samara–and she’s going crazy battling her own feelings for him. The middle of a high-stakes op, with the fate of dozens of innocent lives on the line, is not the time to indulge in sensual delights.

Then the sting explodes, forcing Noah to face his dark past and throwing Samara into the middle of an evil tug-of-war. Noah must confront an enemy he knows better than anyone else in the world, while Samara must find a way to stay alive. Now it’s no longer a matter of desire–it’s all about survival.

My rating:

This second book in Christy Reece's Last Chance Rescue series was one hell of a ride (and so much better than the first book), mostly because of the big boss himself, Noah McCall, who’s intrigued me the first time he appeared (in Rescue Me) and I was glad I didn’t have to wait a few more books to read his story.

A dark past has molded Noah McCall into the man he is today. The founder of LCR (Last Chance Rescue), an organization specializing in helping the innocent, turning victims into survivors, he’s driven by revenge. He needs to find the human-trafficker that killed the man who gave Noah his purpose, and put him behind bars forever.
But to do that he needs help. So he turns to Samara Lyons, the woman who’s been haunting his dreams for the last year.

Samara is still angry with herself for succumbing to her attraction for Noah last year, after the wedding of the man she herself planned to marry. She’s even more angry with him for having her deposited her on the bed that night (fully dressed), kissed her forehead, and disappeared from her life.
But now the hot, arrogant, sexy, infuriating man is back and he needs her help in tracking down an online predator. Her body’s reaction to Noah tells her to say no, but her conscience demands she says yes.

Now, Noah is working with Samara to bring the bastard to justice, all the while fighting off the powerful, almost debilitating attraction, all the while trying to keep her safe. Unfortunately not all things in life come easy, and even the strongest of men are bound to succumb to their weaknesses and fail.

Noah was the quintessential romance leading man. Hot and sexy as hell, with a dark, painful and mysterious past that determined his actions and behavior, arrogant and infuriating to the max – which was all just a mask to hide his thoughts and true feelings, and he lived in such a deep denial it would’ve been comical if it wasn’t so heart-breaking.

Samara was his complete opposite (and so his perfect match) and probably one of the few people he couldn’t manipulate and (sometimes) saw through his mask. Her appearance could fool people into thinking her fragile and in need of coddling, but despite her small height and the face of a teenager, the woman had spunk and a spine made of steel.
And she was determined to show Noah it was okay to love her.

Unfortunately the poor guy had no idea how to love, because no one ever taught him what love was, how it felt. He thought he had no heart, so he couldn’t love anyone. He thought he had almost no humanity left, so he couldn’t risk loving anyone and getting them hurt. The only thing he had to offer, was his protection, the only way to show he cared was by protecting the people he cared about.
It was up to Samara to show him how wrong he was, but everybody underestimated just how stubborn (and afraid) the guy was…Until it was almost too late.

I loved this story, Noah and Samara were splendid characters, Jordan and Eden (h/H from Rescue Me) made a few appearances and I liked them more in this story than in theirs, the villain was twisted enough for me to like him (as much as I could ever like a villain) and look forward to him getting his just reward, the action scenes (thought not many) were satisfying enough, the sex scenes hot and nicely conveying the participants’ thoughts and perfectly outlining the growth of their feelings from each other (from hot, steamy, quick and furious sex to hot, steamy, slow and tender lovemaking). Noah with his stubbornness, fear and indecisions made us all sweat almost to the very end, but when he finally did snap out of it – awww. Yet he still remained in character. Nicely done, Ms. Reece.


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