Friday, August 28, 2009

Review: More Than a Man by Rebecca York

Title: More Than a Man
Series: 43 Light Street
Author: Rebecca York
Read copy: eBook
Published: August 1, 2009
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1426838220
ISBN-13: 9781426838224

For seven centuries Noah Fielding had kept his secret, switching identities, staying one step ahead of those who would exploit him. But a chance meeting with a woman on the run changed everything. Olivia Stapler made Noah feel emotions he'd thought long dead, made him yearn for a chance at real life. He knew taking Olivia back to his secret enclave as his wife would be dangerous. In fact, Noah had given his pursuers the perfect weapon. Using Olivia to get to him, they would stop at nothing to gain the secret of his longevity. Even if they had to harm the only woman he loved to get it....

My rating:

Blah. One of the blandest, uneventful, and boring HQ Intrigues I've read.

The premise was great, but sadly lacking in the execution. The plot was slow and rather hole-y, the romance was rushed and without feeling, the characters one-dimensional, the danger, villains and their motivation utterly out there and completely unbelievable, and even the action scenes were snore-worthy at best.

A truly sad excuse for a story.


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