Thursday, August 13, 2009

Review: Io uccido (I Kill) by Giorgio Faletti

Title: Io uccido (I Kill)
Author: Giorgio Faletti

Read copy: Hardcover (Italian)
Published: January 1, 2002
Publisher: Baldini & Castoldi
ISBN: 8884902231
ISBN-13: 9788884902238

The voice on the radio. The writing, red as blood. I kill . . . A detective and an FBI agent embark upon the most harrowing case of their careers as they attempt to track down an enigmatic killer in this relentlessly suspenseful thriller. The killer announces his heinous acts in advance with desperate phone calls and ties his crimes together with songs that point to his victims; he then mutilates them and removes their faces. Set in Monte Carlo and featuring an international cast of intriguing characters, the hunt for the deranged perpetrator remains gripping and unsettling, possibly even more so, after the killer's identity is revealed and the detectives must close in on their target before he strikes again.

My rating:

I have a feeling this book fell prey to its own over-importance and tried to compensate too much for something that completely eluded me.

There were too many players, too many stores to tell, to many shifts and turns, it slowed the pace too much and diverted the spotlight off the main plot…And at times it read like a tourist guide of Monte Carlo.

Shorten it a couple hundred pages, cut all the unnecessary crap, and I would read it again. Otherwise...Disappointing.


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