Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Review: Her Last Line of Defense by Marie Donovan

Title: Her Last Line of Defense
Series: Uniformly Hot!
Author: Marie Donovan
Read copy: eBook
Published: September 1, 2009
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1426838956
ISBN-13: 9781426838958

Subject: Luc Boudreau, Green Beret.

Current status: Boiling over—with lust!

Mission: Teach wilderness survival skills to city girl.

Obstacle: Claire Cook. Sweet. Innocent. Dangerously sexy...

Luc didn't plan to spend his leave watching over a debutante. But a powerful congressman's daughter outranks him. Luc's dreading it—until he meets spunky Claire. Oh, are there things he can teach this woman...

Educating Claire fires up certain, ah, primal instincts, and his gorgeous pupil is a quick study. This hard-bitten soldier is falling hard for his feisty beauty, but will he be able to stay the course when the going gets tough for them?

My rating:

Claire Cook is determined to visit a small village in the jungle where her mother grew up, so her senator daddy, when he realizes his stubborn daughter would not be deterred, blackmails a Green Beret into training her in survival tactics.

Sergeant First Class Luc Boudreaux whisks his charge off into the swamp to toughen her up – and dissuade from going into what he deems hell (he barely survived the jungle around the village she wants to visit) – but fresh out of an eight-month deployment in the sandbox, he soon realizes survival training isn’t the only thing he’d like to teach Claire.

It started great, the hilarious initial "meet and greet" scene promised a good romp of the book, and when the two were firmly in the swamp I got the urge to whip out my notebook and take some pointers on survival.

Well, I suspected it was too good to be true and my doubts were proven correct. As soon as they started on more primal topics, the story (though there wasn’t much of it to begin with) disappeared completely...And it all went downhill from that. Too much sex, not enough story (and I can’t believe I’m actually saying this).

Call me a prude, but after learning in great detail about all kinds of critters crawling around, being prevented from sitting on wood without something between me and said wood, being warned about bacteria and parasites etc. I wouldn’t be caught dead having sex in the swamp, no matter how hot and gorgeous my trainer was.
I don’t know any members of the Green Berets, but I guess one, knowing all this, and relaying that knowledge to his pupil, would probably think twice before going at it on just a thin sheet between them and the bug-parasite-critter-infested ground, no matter how horny he was...Or convince his pupil to go skinny dipping in the middle of the swamp.
Contradictions, anyone?

Also, the romance part was a bit too swift. I know it’s a Blaze, so the space is limited, but I just didn’t buy the whole falling-in-love thing. You just don’t fall for a guy just because he’s good in the sac. Okay, you fall into the sac with him without further ado. But for deeper feelings to develop there has to be something more, and it just wasn’t there. Or at least, I didn’t see it.


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