Monday, August 3, 2009

Review: Heiress Under Fire by Jennifer Morey

Title: Heiress Under Fire
Author: Jennifer Morey

Read copy: eBook
Published: September 1, 2009
Publisher: Silhouette
ISBN: 1426839421
ISBN-13: 9781426839429

He was a sniper and a gentleman...

Though heiress Farren Gage exuded a sensuous femininity that made him ache, Elam Rhule didn't need another notch on his belt. He had to eliminate a target and prevent a terrorist attack. Besides, he couldn't fall for another delicate beauty. Farren was wrong for him. Completely wrong.

Farren hadn't traveled to Turkey to find love. She'd come to discover why some foreigner wanted the millions she'd just inherited. So getting involved with an on-the-go sniper who operated outside the law was out of the question, right? Wrong. As their mission heated up so did their desire, and it looked as though two wrongs might just make the most perfect right....

My rating:

This was the most horrendous SRS I've read so far. The premise was far-fetched, the execution poor, the plot had holes the size of a Buick…And I wished the heroine would fall into one of them.

I wanted to smash her face against a brick wall – when she had her "good" moment, which were few and far between. The author probably wanted to write a well-rounded heroine with fears and flaws like normal people. Thank God I’ve never met a female like this heroine, because I’d probably smash her face against the nearest wall. I simply couldn’t stand it – she was whiny and then wondered why everybody thought she was whiny, her chatter (while probably incorporated to make her more likeable) had the opposite effect, she couldn’t fight worth a damn (sorry, but everybody’s animal instinct comes out in moments of danger, but she just stood there, whimpering), and her incessant emotional (and inner monologuing) ping-pong would make a saint tear out his hair and scream.

The hero didn’t have much solid screen time for him to come into the spotlight, and he had one glaring flaw – he actually liked the heroine.

In short, the story was silly and far-fetched, hoping the Turkish setting would give it a more exotic feel, but that didn’t work either. The writing was amateurish, the characters completely forgettable, the bad guy himself didn’t know just what the heck he was doing, the suspense was non-existent, and the ending so cheesy – and still completely focused on the wreck that was the heroine I was glad when this torture was over.

A few hours I’m never getting back.


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