Thursday, August 6, 2009

Review: The Dark Hunters, Vol.1 by Sherrilyn Kenyon, Claudia Campos

Title: The Dark Hunters, Vol. 1
Series: Dark-Hunter Manga
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon, art: Claudia Campos
Read copy: Paperback
Published: July 7, 2009
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 0312376871
ISBN-13: 9780312376871

In the war against vampires, mankind has only one hope: The Dark-Hunters. Ancient warriors who died of brutal betrayal, the Dark-Hunters have sworn themselves into the service of the goddess Artemis to protect us.

It’s a pact with pretty good perks. Immortality, power, psychic abilities, wealth and a cool wardrobe. But it comes with a few drawbacks: fatal sun poisoning and a new, irreparable dental problem. But aside from the fangs and nocturnal lifestyle, it’s not so bad.

Until Kyrian meets the most frightening thing imaginable. An accountant who’s being hunted by one of the most lethal vampires out there. If Amanda Devereaux goes down, so does he and no offense, he doesn’t want to die (hence the whole immortality thing). And he doesn’t want humanity dead either which is a good thing for us since he and Amanda are all that stands between us and oblivion. Let’s hope they win.

From the wild imagination of Sherrilyn Kenyon comes the humorous and suspenseful manga debut of the #1 internationally bestselling Dark-Hunter series. The world of manga will never be the same again.

My rating:

This one truly took me back in time. In more than one way. Back a few years when I read manga more often (City Hunter, Cat’s Eye, Sailor Moon etc.) and back a few years to the beginning of the Dark-Hunter series. Though my imagination provided quite a movie with Kyrian’s book, it was cool seeing it all in black-and-white manga.

The artwork was great (loved the trademark manga expressions), and though it’s rated as 13+, so the usual Kenyon steam is nonexistent (I loved the love scenes in Kyrian’s book), I found myself not missing it, which says quite a lot.

The only problem I encountered was the depiction of Julian and Talon. They looked much too young and Julian didn’t look like a Greek demigod and ex-sex slave. I expected drool material and got someone fresh out of puberty. *sigh* Another thing. I know it’s been a while since I read Fantasy Lover, but wasn’t Grace supposed to be smaller than him?

Oh, well. Waiting for the next installment, hoping they won’t make me wait as long as for Volume 1, and looking forward to seeing Ash in manga.


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