Saturday, August 15, 2009

Review: Bengal's Heart by Lora Leigh

Title: Bengal's Heart
Series: Breeds
Author: Lora Leigh
Read copy: Mass Market Paperback
Published: August 4, 2009
Publisher: Berkley
ISBN: 0425229025
ISBN-13: 9780425229026

Reporter Cassa Hawkins has always supported Breed rights-especially in light of a specimen like Cabal St. Laurents, the epitome of the male animal. But when the Breeds are incriminated in a series of violent murders, it's left to Cassa and Cabal to discover the truth before they become prey.

My rating:

I've been waiting for this book since the epilogue (and sneak peak) in Coyote's Mate. Unfortunately I was rather disappointed with how this one turned out...And, yet again unfortunately, I can't pinpoint the exact "location" of my unhappiness with it.

This was a typical Lora Leigh Breed book with an arrogant, stubborn, I'm-always-right-because-I'm-a-man Breed and an equally stubborn, determined heroine.
Pity, I didn't feel the connection I usually feel with other Breed couples. And I also didn't feel the connection between Cabal and Cassa.

I actually understood (sort of) Cabal's justification for steering clear of her for the past eleven years - though he could've easily done it without the groupies. I actually quite like the Bengal...even more after he finally acknowledged what we all knew already and unleashed his "true self" on the world.

I had more problems with Cassa, connecting with her was impossible, understanding her even more so, because she didn't seem to understand herself, and her stubborn (almost suicidal streak) soon started grating on my nerves. For someone who's spent more than a decade in the company of Breeds she seemed particularly ignorant of what made them tick, especially when the mating heat was involved, and simply went on her merry way, not caring who she might hurt in the process - even if that individual happened to be her. I secretly even hoped something would befallen her just to shake the bi*** up and make her see reason.
And her constant "ping-ponging" with Cabal. God, it was so annoying. First she understood (or thought she did) why he'd kept his distance, thinking he hated her, because of course he hated her, he didn't have a choice, she destroyed his life, she betrayed him yadda-yadda-yadda. And in the same breath she raged at him because he found "solace" with others. Yeah, the last one bothered me as well, but constantly repeating the same old same old was just frustrating.
Haven't these people ever heard of communication?

I know all Breed books have some sort of misunderstanding in them, it helps create tension and conflict, but so far none of the previous couples needed an entire book length to sort their crap out.

This was a rather slow book, compared to the others in this series, mostly because of the pigheaded h/H. Luckily the finale was explosive as ever...And who can resist reading from the point when the Breed finally unleashes his animal on the cruel world who took his mate away?

Not the best, but still a solid addition to the series, giving us a precious little insight into what Jonas' book might bring.


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