Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Review: Pursuit by Elizabeth Jennings

Title: Pursuit
Author: Elizabeth Jennings

Read copy: eBook
Published: April 1, 2008
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
ISBN: 0446536350
ISBN-13: 9780446536356

A shocking betrayal...her father's murder...and a life-threatening accusation...Heiress Charlotte Court has walked into a waking nightmare-one that sends her running from her wealthy home to anywhere she can hide.

Across the border in Mexico, Charlotte creates a new identity and finds refuge in the battle-torn arms of Navy SEAL Matt Sanders. Fleeing his past, Matt yearns to protect her and replace her pain with pleasure. But Charlotte can't trust anyone, not even someone she's starting to love. She knows she's a target-and out of sight, a soulless killer is zeroing in on his prey...

My rating:

This book started great. The power-and-money-thirsty CEO having the owner of the company killed and blaming it all on the daughter of said company owner, because she scorned his advances. What more could you want? Well, maybe the haughty heiress running for her life across the country with a bullet-hole in her shoulder, with no money, no hope for help (being framed for her father’s murder and all), crossing the Mexican border with her maid’s passport. Oh, and constantly chased by a hired killer.

It sounds great, doesn’t it?

Pity, the whole suspense thingy lasted only until the heiress settled in a picturesque little Mexican town. The third day of her stay she saw a broken man on the beach, a man who’s apparently escaped death just like her – and turned out to be the hero of this story, two months later they met face to face as he fished her out of the sea…And we slowly trudged forward.

I need my romantic suspense novels to keep the suspense throughout the course of the story. This one failed miserably to keep me intrigued. If it weren’t for all-too brief glimpses of the hired gun (aptly named Barrett) methodically searching for Charlotte, though the track’s been cold for two months, and slowly narrowing down her options, I would’ve probably given up altogether.

The initial premise was great, but the author failed in executing it. Any slower and the plot would be moving backward. The characters were rather flat, I didn’t like neither of the two and kept hoping for the killer to catch up with the chick sooner. The lukewarm tension between Charlotte and matt simply ruined the already non-existent suspense until I had nothing else to look forward to than some bedroom action – which never came!

And in the end I was robbed of the grand finale as well. It seemed rushed, without the usual (and much needed) climax-building. And it was definitely too easy and over too soon. And the epilogue was completely redundant.



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