Friday, July 17, 2009

Review: Pregnesia by Carla Cassidy

Title: Pregnesia
Series: The Recovery Men
Author: Carla Cassidy
Read copy: eBook
Published: July 1, 2009
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1426836066
ISBN-13: 9781426836060

Pregnant. Alone. And running for her life.

Former navy SEAL Lucas Washington was an expert at tackling impossible missions. But when a striking - and very pregnant - woman turned up in a car he was repossessing, suddenly he was in over his head. Shaken and bruised, she couldn't remember what had happened to her or why she was terrified of going to the police. Lucas made it clear he could be trusted, and vowed to protect her until she was safe. Hours turned to days as they searched for clues to her hidden past. Then a family came to claim her, and a happy ending seemed imminent. But had he just delivered his Jane Doe to safety...or into the hands of a killer?

My rating:

This is the final book in Ms. Cassidy's The Recovery Men trilogy about three ex-Navy SEAL friends encountering woman-related trouble. Not the usual trouble of the feminine nature, someone wants these gals dead and its up to the boys to figure out who and why.

Lucas Washington, the only Recovery man still single (and preferring it that way), is on an errand to repossess an unpaid-for Buick with a pregnant woman in the back seat. No, she isn't incorporated, she's hiding. And not only is she pregnant, she also has amnesia, or so she says, not that Lucas believes her.

When he barely prevents her from being kidnapped from a WalMart parking lot, he finally realizes she just might be telling the truth. Witch, coupled with the near-kidnapping would mean she's in danger. But until she recovers her memory, they're at a loss as to who is behind the nefarious plot and what are their reasons.

Okay, so this wasn't any extraordinary literary work, but compared to the first two books in this trilogy, it was great. For the first time since I started reading about these three ex-Navy SEALs turned repo men I found myself liking both the female and male lead (he was still a jerk, but a little less of a jerk than his friends and he had a rather good reason for being that way).

Another plus was the fact the heroine was pregnant throughout the course of the story, so there was no sex to "lighten" the mood. Sure, the "suspense" part of the story had much to be desired (it sure didn't keep me at the edge of my seat until three chapters from the end), but it hovered somewhere on the outskirts of the plot, keeping the reader intrigued with wondering about the amnesiac heroine, giving us mere glimpses of what might have happened to her.

Unfortunately the villain and his nefarious plot ruined a perfectly solid story. It was completely cuckoo and utterly inconsistent with the rest of the story. For what the villain had in mind (which was cuckoo!), the strange inactivity throughout the story simply didn't make sense. The final urgency completely belied everything that's transpired before.

Better than its predecessor, but still not worth a re-read.


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