Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Review: On Target by Catherine Mann

Title: On Target
Series: Special Operations
Author: Catherine Mann
Read copy: eBook
Published: July 1, 2007
Publisher: HQN
ISBN: 1426802757
ISBN-13: 9781426802751

On his way to deliver divorce papers to his soon-to-be ex, a terrorist attack put U.S. Air Force Sergeant Shane 'Vegas' O'Riley back into soldier mode. His wife and her two adopted children were in danger. He didn't give a damn if she wanted him out of their lives—they were under his full-time protection now.

Being back with her husband had Sherry in upheaval. She still wanted Shane. Yet she was afraid obligation was the only reason he was sticking close. With a terrorist targeting their lives, Shane was all she had to hold on to.

Danger lurked close to home. But it was a marriage that had to survive the ultimate battle.

My rating:

Watching a bird take a dump is more suspenseful than this book. At least you get to wonder where the bird poo is going to land. With the first 19 chapters filled with the leading couple pre-divorce marital problems and pseudo-angst, and another couple’s skirting the issue of him having called her a different name in bed (four years ago!), this book had no room for wondering about the bad guys and their martyr-ish quest.

All the action and resolution was crammed into the 20th chapter, offering no specific reason for the bad guys’ martyr-ish quest, but only serving as the turning point for the solving of the pre-divorce marital problems and pseudo-angst of the leading couple. The other couple resolved their issue early on.

Call me nuts, but I expect much, much more from a romantic suspense labeled book. Some suspense would be nice. And female characters that I don’t want to bitch-slap into kingdom-come. For all their self-sacrificing, NGO-working, third-world-country-children-adopting, holier-than-thou qualities, the two female protagonists (the married and single one) just plainly got on my nerves. I’m all for girl power, but not everything is the man’s fault. And it figures the two would figure it out when it was almost too late and proceeded with "celebrating" their newfound knowledge in the last (21st) chapter.

Boring, uneventful until the second-to-last crammed chapter, and with characters that did absolutely nothing for me (not even the men, hunky flyboys with god-like looks). A total waste of time and brain-cells.


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