Friday, April 10, 2009

Review: Murder Game by Christine Feehan

Title: Murder Game
Series: GhostWalkers
Author: Christine Feehan
Read copy: Mass Market Paperback
Published: December 30, 2008
Publisher: Jove
ISBN: 0515145807
ISBN-13: 9780515145809

As bodies pile up, a violent new cross-country game is blamed on the GhostWalkers. To clear their name, they infiltrate the dangerous sport. And to survive it, they must ignore the rules.

My rating:

This was a rather disappointing read and I can't help but notice the thicker these books are the worst they get. Ms. Feehan should definitely cut the page count, this one would not have suffered from it, and made it a tad more interesting and gripping to read.

It is becoming some kind of a ritual for these supposedly suspenseful books to throw the suspense through the window and leave the two leads to have their wicked way with each other. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with steamy sex scenes, but when the sex gets the upper hand on the book's main genre (in this case - suspense), it just gets on my nerves.

I started reading this series because it was a mix of two of my favorite genres - suspense and paranormal, but this one unfortunately severely lacked in both. There was too much sex, too little action scenes and too much page count between them, too much oily-sludge infested glimpses into the heroine's mind (and let me tell you if those were supposed to heighten the suspense and adding a thriller effect, they fell quite short) and it was just too damn much repetitive.

Okay, when the heroine feels the violence, her mind fills with oily sludge. Gotcha!
The hero is a block of ice with icy water running in his veins when he isn't with her. Gotcha!
The heroine smells and tastes of cinnamon. Gotcha!
The victims locked behind that mind door wail constantly and beg for help. Gotcha!
The main villain is a puppet master. Gotcha! (Has anyone else notice the uncanny resemblance to the author's other series? The vampires also have a puppet master. Hm.)
Even the sex scenes started repeating themselves...When that happens, yikes.

There should've definitely been less pages, a more consistent plot (this one just plainly lagged behind), and a more interesting and involving leading pair. I apologize to all Tansy and/or Kadan fans, but these two were plain boring to me.
Luckily we had the pleasure of entertaining some oldies but goodies GhostWalkers (I just love their banter - and the off-key rendition of Cinnamon Girl, hilarious). And the pace did pick up toward the end, though I wished the eight "cleaning actions" were a bit longer, that would've been worth the extra pages.


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