Saturday, February 14, 2009

Review: Soul Deep by Lora Leigh

Title: Soul Deep
Series: Breeds
Author: Lora Leigh
Read copy: Paperback
Published: July 1, 2008
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
ISBN: 1419954628
ISBN-13: 9781419954627

Mother Nature has a way of making the most unlikely couples ‘fit’. And what could be more unlikely than a sassy, independent President’s daughter who doesn’t know when to keep her mouth shut and a loner Coyote Breed with a hunger for a cute rosebud mouth that he’s determined to still.

The vote for Breed Law is coming down the pike. Kiowa’s job is to watch Amanda, the President’s daughter—look, but not touch. Just make sure the Goof Troop, the Secret Service detail assigned to protect her, do their job until the law is passed.

But when they don’t and the bad guys move in to take her out, Kiowa reluctantly slips in to the rescue, snatching her away to safety. But she isn’t going to come easy and it takes more than smooth talking to make her see his point of view.

For a man who’s had nothing, Amanda Marion is food for the hunger that has tortured him, the reality to every dream Kiowa never dared believe in. What he feels for her is more than heat, more than love. She breathes life into his hardened heart, melting the icy chill that has protected him all his life, and touches a part of him that he thought had died—his soul. And now he’ll kill anyone who tries to take her away from him.

But the one person he can’t fight is Amanda, and when she wants to leave…

My rating:

On Halloween night, a mere week before the important Breed Law is passed, Amanda Marion, the president's daughter, is almost kidnapped. Almost, because Kiowa is there to snatch her out of her would-be captor's hands and whisk her away to safety.

Unaware of the "mating issue", Kiowa kisses her to keep her quiet, unleashing the full blast of the hormonal heat on their heads. Unfortunately, he's also a Coyote Breed, the kind the Council bred for jailer duty. The Breed species everyone assumes is soulless...

This was too short, too rushed, too freaking contrived, it shot my concentration to hell. There was too much emphasis on the Breed Law, a few sentences would've been enough, not enough emphasis on Kiowa and Amanda and their budding romance, and once again, what space Ms. Leigh could've used to expand on that one, she spent in steamy, scenes and too much tidbits on Amanda's presumed perversion.
If she liked the pain so much, Kiowa should've just left her there to suffer and get it over with, instead of agonizing over the fact he couldn't have her, but couldn't let her go...Blah, blah, blah.

In the end Amanda was right, Kiowa was self-sacrificing (said in a sarcastic tone). I know he had it tough as a kid, but that was no excuse to mope around, feeling sorry for himself most of the time. I got the feeling, that he's made that final decision only so he could suffer more and not because he was doing her any favors. Wasn't he just a knight in shining armor. *eye-roll*
At the beginning Amanda was truly what he told her she was - a child. Throwing tantrums because she couldn't have it her way, prejudiced, spoiled, sticking her head in the sand...Made me want to slap her. Repeatedly...But as the story progressed, she turned out to be the more mature of the two.

The saving grace of it all were the secondary characters. It was great seeing Dash again, bless his soul, Callan, Merinus, Doc Martin, and little Cassie (we finally got an explanation on the whole "fairy thing"). And the little tidbit about Dawn and Seth made me want to read her book even more.

If it were just a tad longer, maybe the story would've improved, earning a higher rating, but I seriously doubt it. It's an EC publication after all and no one could accuse EC of caring a fart whether the book had any story at all...Unfortunately.
I'd say read it as part of the series, but don't expect any revelations or important facts, and don't expect more than what you know you get from EC. Disappointing.


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