Friday, February 13, 2009

Review: Elizabeth's Wolf by Lora Leigh

Title: Elizabeth's Wolf
Series: Breeds
Author: Lora Leigh
Read copy: Paperback
Published: June 3, 2005
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
ISBN: 1419951378
ISBN-13: 9781419951374

She brought him back from death and made him live again.

Dash thought himself alone, a soldier, a fighting machine and no more.

Elizabeth made him realize he was a man.

Danger surrounds the woman his soul marked as his mate, death and blood and a treachery that goes beyond even his worst nightmares. But he will protect her and what she claims as her own. He was created to kill, trained to do it efficiently, and only a man bound to her, heart and soul, will have the strength to save Elizabeth and her prized possession.

He is a lone wolf. A man alone. No pack, no family, no one to call his own until one single, innocent letter awoke Elizabeth's wolf.

My rating:

The only surviving member of his unit, ambushed in the Middle East, Dash Sinclair wants to die. But even trapped in a drug-induced coma he hears the call for help. The letters from a young girl, who's in danger and need his help, bring him back from the brink, only to push him back into hell when he learns both she and her mother are dead.

Elizabeth Colder and her daughter, Cassie, are running for their lives, barely escaping the ruthless man who wants Cassie. Elizabeth is at her wits end. She doesn't know where to turn, who to trust, when suddenly Dash stalks into her life.

He's been searching for mother and daughter since the day he received the last letter from Cassie telling him they weren't dead. And now that he's found them, he'll do anything in his power to save them...And keep them.

Hallelujah! We have a winner...I mean, we have a story. At last!

Finally, Ms. Leigh has found the balance between telling a story and having her characters do the horizontal tango...Repeatedly. Thank God for Dash's recessed genetics and obvious lack of that dastardly hormone, making the attraction between him and Elizabeth a little less potent but not less compelling.
Without the whole hormonal craze Ms. Leigh has woven a beautiful, strong story, with wonderful characters and depth. I loved that Cassie, a little girl, saved Dash's life, and the fact he found his mate through her letters, fallen in love with a woman he's never seen merely through the words and eyes of her child, was beautiful, if a tad unrealistic.

Again, kudos for the characters. What I've learned in the previous two books, what they lack in story, they compensate in characters (and sex scenes). Here, the characters were once again great, and only added richness to the plot and story-telling.
Dash was wonderful, simply wonderful. Strong, capable, deeply caring...And prone to enormous guilt trips, but after learning his life story it was only to be expected. Elizabeth was his perfect match. Despite her frail appearance, she had nerves of steel and a ruthless streak that slowly emerged under Dash's "careful" tutelage.
And Cassie. How cute was she?! As Kane would've said:
"I love her. God bless her heart. I love her."
After all she went through, she still persevered in keeping her childhood, haggling for chocolate.

Kane made just a small appearance, but once again left his mark. And Dash's realization just confirmed my suspicions. The jibes and little digs are a form of preservation. The more sarcastic he gets, the more pissed off he is. And it's so obvious who can so easily get to him, even Dash saw it.
"Wolves eat cats for dinner. By God, I wanna be a wolf."
I can't wait to start on his book.


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