Sunday, July 1, 2007

Review: Dance of the Gods by Norma Beishir

Title: Dance of the Gods
Author: Norma Beishir

Read copy: Mass Market Paperback
Published: May 1, 1988
Publisher: Berkley
ISBN: 0425108392
ISBN-13: 9780425108390

She was Meredith Courtney, television journalism's hottest new star.

He was Alexander Kirakis, gorgeous heir to a vast multi-national empire.

From the ultra-exclusive reaches of Malibu and Beverly Hills, to the glittering international playgrounds of New York and Paris, their passion was a fantasy come true. Their fame and fortune allowed them everything—but the power to hush a tragic secret... and ultimate scandal.

My rating:

A stunning, young newscaster, Meredith Courtney's dazzling charms and beauty captured the world's most eligible man, Alexander Kirakis, a Greek tycoon, whose wealth and power was matched by his dark secrets.

Their tumultuous romance was a fantasy come true, but a shocking tragedy from the past could destroy their love, empire, and lives.

This was a surprising book to read. It was light and entertaining with its plethora of exotic and exclusive locations from a Greek island to glittering New York and Paris.

Yet in had incredible depth of perception of human nature and an assortment of psychological and plot twists and turns.

This is a perfect book for those in the mood for a lightweight read full of glamour, tabloid covers, and power games at the heart of the ruthless business world.

Just when you think this book is nothing more than a contemporary romance between a business tycoon and a newscaster tucked into luxurious settings, Norma Beishir probes deeper.

This novel is full of hidden conflicts, dark pasts, and even darker secrets. There is intrigue and mystery, a deep-rooted demand for revenge buried deep under a power-struggle, a subtle peek into human psyche, and a gentle probe into human identity.

Are fame and fortune enough to keep a secret buried forever? What happens when that secret is blown wide open? What kind of future can a man have, when all his life has been a lie?

These are just a few of the questions that breathe some fresh depth into a light read.


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