Monday, January 24, 2005

Review: Seize the Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Title: Seize the Night
Series: Dark-Hunters
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Read copy: Mass Market Paperback
Published: Decemebr 28, 2004
Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 0312992432
ISBN-13: 9780312992439

Hail Glorious Reader:

I was born the noble son of a legendary Roman senator. I walked through the ancient world as a general, admired and supreme until a brutal betrayal caused me to bargain my soul. Now I'm an immortal Dark-Hunter, bound to protect mankind from the evil scourge that haunts it. Over the centuries, I've seen many frightening things: plagues, pestilence, disco music...

And now Tabitha Devereaux. A human, she has trained herself to fight vampires every bit as capably as any Dark-Hunter. Idiosyncratic and off-beat, she is my personal bane-and yet she beguiles me. There are only two small problems. She happens to be the twin of my mortal enemy's wife. More than that, Tabitha and her sister are being stalked by a power that will not rest until everyone she holds dear is dead.

Unlike my Dark-Hunter brethren, I rely on no one but myself. They spurned me and I turned my back on them. But the only way to save Tabitha and her family is to find some way to bridge a two thousand-year-old feud.

They say opposites attract, but can they stay together when even the Fates conspire to keep them apart? Then again, the Fates have never dealt with the likes of Tabitha Devereaux before. They're going to be in for quite a fight...

—Valerius Magnus

My rating:

Valerius Magnus isn’t what you’d call a fluffy bunny. His life as a general had honed his fighting skills that he still uses today as a Dark-Hunter. His main predicament, beside the Daimons and all other nasty things that go bump in the night, is the fact he’s a Roman among the majority of Greeks in the ranks of the immortal guardians of the night. That means some serious grudge issues against him.
But that doesn’t bother him, not really. Aristocrats like him don’t bother with what plebs might think of them.

Tabitha Devereaux, Kyrian of Thrace’s sister-in-law, soon discovers Val’s arrogance and air of superiority is just a cover, a mask he wears in front of the world so no one could see the anguish he carries within. So, in true Tabby style, she adamantly refuses to take him seriously, and despite her reservation, coupled with the fact her twin sister is married to the man Val’s grandpa had had crucified all those centuries ago, she ends up falling for the tall, brooding Roman.

One of the deadliest Daimons ever, responsible for scarring Tabitha’s face, comes back from the dead, determined to end with everyone he hates – which means pretty much everyone, and both Val and Tabitha will be forced to make some drastic decisions to even hope of vanquishing Desiderius.

There is a drop-on-your-butt twist in the end as we witness the birth of a new Dark-Hunter, one that will presumably wreak havoc in the books to come.

When I read this book I was hoping with all my heart it would bring the bite from the series beginning back, and for the first few chapter is did look promising.

But soon the plot started stumbling along, the frivolity was gone, the romance seemed stale, and the action scenes seemed like reading a first (bad) draft of a B-movie script.

Though I loved Val, I just cannot resist those tall, brooding, aching-inside heroes, Tabitha seemed a little over the top. Her sassiness quickly got on my nerves and it made me wonder how Val could stand her. But you know what they say, love can do miracles.

***mild spoiler***
What was that Acheron thing, anyway? Hello? Twilight Zone to the max!
And passing around immortality like candy. Just plain tacky!


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